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Land Mining

Improving Mining
Performance, Agility
and Public Opinion

The mining sector is one of the most important industrial drivers of our modern economy.  However the industry is under unprecedented scrutiny and reporting over past incidents.  Additionally, new technology and tools have allowed faster and safer extraction of minerals, metals and ore.  ALTS' ARTEMIS is a tool to help teams plan upcoming work, brief and train staff on changes, improve safety and encourage higher productivity.

Safety Improvement

Safety is a critical function.  A simulation-based assessment can find problems with safety equipment, processes, procedures and staff training.  Once you know the issues you can "flip a switch", start fixing the problems and training staff on the new measures.  ALTS helps build and maintain your Safety Culture!

Community Engagement

We mine with the social permission of our local partners. But are we engaging with them in ways so they understand the risks to their families and how they can work together with the mine?  ALTS helps improve community awareness and partnerships!

Operational Planning

The best plan easily does what it is supposed to...but it can also withstand the "worst case scenario".  ALTS. helps you to build plans and contingencies that add confidence and productivity to your operations!

Response Plan Testing 

Written Plans are "Shelfware"... Seldom read, seldom updated, never used. Our Visual planning and analysis tools allow staff to easily understand the plan, know their part and participate in "hands on" computer simulation-based training.  ALTS helps ensure You and your Response Plan are ready!

New Process Testing

Business used to be "set it and forget it".  We are now being disrupted by events that need an AGILE response.  We need to plan and adapt faster to changing commercial and social realities. ALTS  helps companies test new processes quickly and effectively!


A picture tells a thousand words.  An interactive computer simulation gives vital understanding and context to plans, briefings and media events.  ATLS helps your team and the local community understand - visually - what you are trying to do!

Land Mining
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