Case Study - Municipal/Provincial Coordination for Wildfires

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

ALTS was asked by a Wildfire Service to prepare a wildfire training scenario. During previous fire seasons, they determined that there was a lack of coordination between the provincial service and affected municipalities and this was impacting the agility and timeliness of the response. Taken to the extreme, coordination failures while fighting wildfires can cost the lives of firefighters and civilians and result in property destruction.

ALTS prepared a simulation scenario based on a wildfire originating near a community

. This scenario was presented to a panel of experts and evaluated for adoption during the next fire season. The scenario consisted of:

  • Practicing wildfire spotting, confirmation and tracking through third parties (locals on the ground, helicopter assay, wildfire centre)

  • Practicing working with local communities to build firebreaks and other protective measures

  • Planning water bomber attacks, fire crew placement and other active measures.

  • Evaluating success and issues

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