Case Study - Simulation in Curriculum - Public Safety College

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

A Public Safety College wished to add experiential (“hands on”) training to their curriculum for police officers. In order to assess how ARTEMIS would integrate and provide benefit for the college, we were asked to run an Intelligence-driven exercise for the Senior Officers’ Course.

ALTS closely with the College to create an intelligence-driven scenario and to design a workshop during which the training would be delivered. Approximately 160 students participated in the exercise, where they worked in groups. Some of the skills practiced were:

  • Planning a deployment of police units to prevent and investigate insurgent activities

  • Planning patrols and interactions with the population to promote intelligence gathering

  • Critical decision making to determine the validity and reliability of information

  • Learning lessons and applying them to future operations

The workshop took place over a six-hour period. At the end, students were given questionnaires by the staff and overwhelmingly asked for ARTEMIS to be adopted within the curriculum.

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