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Simulation for Disaster Risk Reduction & Resiliency

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Integrating People, Process and Technology

Using Advanced Tools like Computer Simulation and
Data Analytics to Train People, Plan, and Optimize Operations

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Business Planning & Optimization

ALTS work with businesses to apply intelligent AI-driven analytics and state-of-the-art Computer Simulation to help leaders understand vital business data, determine what drives profitability and then work with the client to develop and test a solid, measurable, actionable plan to improve performance.  This approach gives the client the knowledge and understanding of what changes will work best for the business, and what the likely impacts will be. 

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Step 1: Exploratory Data Analysis

The first step in working with the client is to understand the business by quickly analyzing operational data to spot potential issues or areas for improvement.  This analysis takes only a short time, and the client is given a list of potential topics for a pilot project.

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Step 2: Pilot Engagement

Next, ALTS works with the client to determine a focus and activity for a pilot.  The client picks a mid-range problem and ALTS actually solves it over the term of the pilot engagement.  This also helps ALTS to further understand the client business, it helps the client to understand how this technology will work in business operations, and provides a roadmap for implementation.

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Step 3: ROI-based Implementation

Following the pilot, both the client and ALTS measure the return on investment generated by the pilot.  Following this, ALTS works with the client to pick the next priority activity for implementation and follows a similar implementation process.  ALTS can help clients solve multiple issues at once, but each solution is independently measured to ensure that it is always delivering strong return on investment.

AI-Driven Data Analytics

Business Intelligence platforms typically deliver vanilla information and tell businesses what they already know. In contrast, ALTS carefully helps the business deploy the right cutting-edge technologies to give the client the decision-making information needed to make accurate and timely decisions.  These technologies include machine learning-based analysis to comb through data to find hidden issues and impacts, synthetic data to provide future impact analysis for decisions made today, computer simulation visualization and dozens of other tools and approaches that can provide crucial information for the business.  ALTS' experts help the client pick the right tools for their operations.

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Computer Simulation Training

Computer Simulation training originated with the military but has seen created incredible advances in business and public safety.  Simulation creates a realistic training environment that provides feedback to participants and is acknowledged to be one of the best training approaches available.  Training occurs in less time (as little as 15 minutes), provides better retention, and costs less than comparative methods.  

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting and management can be challenging for companies due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, ESG metrics can be difficult to quantify and measure accurately, leading to inconsistencies and inaccuracies in reporting. Secondly, companies may struggle to collect the necessary data and information required for ESG reporting, especially if their supply chain is complex and spans multiple countries. Thirdly, there may be a lack of standardization in ESG reporting frameworks and guidelines, making it difficult for companies to compare their performance against industry peers. Lastly, companies may face challenges in effectively integrating ESG considerations into their overall business strategy and decision-making processes.

ALTS provides tools and technology to assist client businesses in achieving ESG reporting and management standards.

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Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)

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