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ALTS Canada Inc offers a unique method to measure, analyze and mitigate risks.  This unique measurement system and tailored training prescription allows corporations and government entities to reduce costs and improve performance. Contact us to learn more.

ALTS Canada helps organizations understand and reduce risk due to infrequent, high impact events.  Your leaders and key staff are ready.  Your plans are tested.  Your costs are reduced.

Risk Consultation & Measurement

Understand Risk.  Save Lives. Reduce Costs.

We work with you to determine the risk to your organization from infrequent, but high impact events.  We use a combination of Computer Simulation and a Team Performance Measurement System to baseline your team's performance, then we provide advice and a Training Prescription to improve your performance and minimize the associated risk.

Risk Advocacy

Expert Assistance When You Need It

With years of experience in risk management, banking, and insurance, ALTS Canada works with you and your team to help you obtain the most favourable terms possible with your insurance company, banker, and others, and help put your valuable cash savings back to work with your company.

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